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Recent News

Trump to Order U.S. Treasury to Delve into Taxes, Post-Crisis Reforms - ABI

U.S. President Donald Trump will order the Treasury on Friday to find and reduce tax burdens and review post-financial crisis reforms that banks and insurance companies have said hinder their ability to do business, Reuters reported today. A White House official said yesterday that Trump will issue an executive order directing the...

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Glass-Steagall Revival a Tough Fit for Modern Banking, Analysts Say - ABI

New banking regulation discussions in Washington, D.C., are dredging up a Depression-era ghost that analysts say would fit poorly in the modern financial industry, Bloomberg News reported yesterday. Suggestions of reviving and revamping the Glass-Steagall Act, a 1933 law that separated commercial and investment banking, reignited after...

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House GOP releases Dodd-Frank replacement bill, sets hearing

The new text for the bill, the Financial Choice Act of 2017, weighed in at 593 pages, far fewer than the 2010 law it is meant to supplant but longer than last year's version. The main premise of the bill is to cut back the rules imposed by the Dodd-Frank law. And for banks that opt to maintain a high level of capital, which would...

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