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Recent News

College Still Pays Off, but Not for Everyone - ABI

Investing in a college degree still pays off for most students with higher salaries and greater wealth, but in recent years it has become riskier, splitting graduates more widely into haves and have-nots, the Wall Street Journal reported. “It just has not been the blanket guarantee of following the same path to prosperity that...

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U.S. Consumer Credit Increased Slightly in June - ABI

Consumer borrowing slowed in June to the smallest increase in three months as a jump in auto loans and student loans was offset by a big drop in borrowing on credit cards, the Associated Press reported. Overall consumer borrowing increased by $14.6 billion in June after a $17.8 billion advance in May, the Federal Reserve reported...

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Bankruptcy-Related Job Losses Increasing at Rates Not Seen Since 2009 - ABI

In the first seven months of the year, U.S.-based companies announced 42,937 job cuts due to bankruptcy, up 40 percent on the same period last year and nearly 20 percent higher than all bankruptcy-related job losses last year, a report released Tuesday concluded, MarketWatch.com reported. Despite record-low unemployment, bankruptcy...

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